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    I Will Always Love You (2006)Original Movie
    • IMDb Score: 5.3
    • Year of construction: 8 February 2006 (Philippines)
    • Country:
    • Views: 35 views
    • Comment: No Comments
    • Time: 1h 57min
    • Original Name: I Will Always Love You (2006)
    • Date:

    Justin (RICHARD GUTIERREZ) & Cecille (ANGEL LOCSIN) play students from different social backgrounds. Against the wishes of his rich parents, Justin pursues Cecille, who also falls hard for the handsome rich boy. Justin, however, is being forced to marry Donna (BIANCA KING), the daughter of his parents’ business partner. His parents order him to study in the United States to separate him from the poor girl. Unable to accept life without Cecille, Justin is somehow able to take her with him to the US without his parents awareness.

  • Stars Richard Gutierrez as Justin Ledesma Angel Locsin as Cecille James Blanco as Andrew Bianca King as Donna Tuesday Vargas as Frida Bearwin Meily as Ogie Jean Garcia as Adelle Ledesma Lloyd Samartino as Edward Ledesma Amy Austria as Encar
  • Director Mac C. Alejandre
  • Kind 2006, Romance
  • Tag , , , , , , , ,
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    I Will Always Love You (2006)