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    Sisterakas (2012)Original Movie
    • IMDb Score: 5.5
    • Year of construction: 31 December 2012 (USA)
    • Country:
    • Views: 384 views
    • Comment: No Comments
    • Time: 1h 50min
    • Original Name: Sisterakas (2012)
    • Date:

    Bernice and Detty are half siblings whose bitter rivalry dates back to when they were kids. When their father passed away, things went downhill from there which led to the two siblings never speaking to each other again, but that all changes when Detty applies to be Bernice’s assistant not knowing that Bernice is her sister.

    With a strong lust for vengeance, Totoy/Bernice rises up to the top of the fashion industry. He is the illegitimate son of a maid and a rich man (Sambroso) whose wife looks down upon the poor. His mother, the maid, is pushed down the staircase by the wife causing her to be paralyzed waist down. He is left to take her mother off the streets and out of the rain, making it his life’s goal to take revenge on the Sambrosos. Totoy remembers his half-sister, Bernadette “Detty” Sambroso, and when he chances upon her at his fashion agency’s hiring, he immediately hires her and makes her life miserable. Detty transfers to Totoy/Bernice’s rival, Roselle’s fashion agency where Roselle plans to kill Detty for rising up to the top of the agency and taking over her place. Totoy/Bernice gets a change of heart and tries to save Detty and her children, getting shot. The police comes, arrests Roselle and her henchmen, and brings Totoy/Bernice, Detty and the children to the hospital. There, Totoy/Bernice and Detty reconciles along with Roselle and builds a merger fashion agency called, Sisterakas.

  • Stars Ai-Ai de las Alas, Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Kris Aquino, Tirso Cruz III, Vice Ganda, Xyriel Manabat
  • Director Wenn V. Deramas
  • Kind 2012, Comedy
  • Tag , , , , , , , ,
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    Sisterakas (2012)